Scientific-research trends





Scientific work of the Institute is directed according to two principle scientific trends:

       1. Fundamental (theoretical) scientific-research trend, including:

            *  Theoretical-methodological problems of improving the market economic functioning;

            * Tendencies of globalization of world economy;

            * Causes of the world economic crisis;

            * Peculiarities of economic development in the area of post-communist countries;

            * Theoretical problems of functioning and evolution of Georgian economy;

       2. Applied scientific-research trend:

            * Level and perspectives of market infrastructure development in Georgia;

            * Main trends of decrease of unemployment and poverty level;

            * Peculiarities of development of innovative economy and increase of competitiveness in Georgia;

            * Main trends of sustainable economic development in Georgia;

            * Strategy of business development in Georgia;

            * Current situation and perspectives of development of public economy in Georgia;

            * Problems of sectoral and regional economy in Georgia;

            * Preparing the Great Georgian Economy Encyclopedia.






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